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Watched all of his coverage of it.. From there I started watching other content as well. Had they not, we might well be using hddvd instead. Complaints about being banned from Twitch chat, blocked on Twitter, or similar things will be removed. It's just terribly disheartening to see a respectable, although admittedly flawed, person vilified for basically saying he has no opinion and won't until there's proper, non-sensationalised information available. Breaking the rules will result in removal of your post and possibly a ban. Think of it as a big birthday card xD. I have no idea what the first video was and picking just one best moment is quite hard. Overwatch porn, Overwatch shitposting, more Overwatch. Pretty much and I never hear her watching older anime only the seasonal airings ones mostly when she talks about anime on her streams. Jim Sterling as Jiz Pearling. If people could do the following and make this one of the 'hot' posts on this subreddit he might see it :.