Magazine sex and the superbug

Written by Eva S.

magazine sex and the superbug

Gonorrhea mutates in the pharynx, making oral sex far more risky than people think. “The microbe appears to be emerging as a superbug,” Dr. Magnus . of an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that alerted the.
The " sex superbug " discovery is doubly scary considering the recent discovery of an untreatable strain of gonorrhoea called.
“ Superbug ” strains of gonorrhea have already appeared that are resistant to disease, gonorrhea is spread though oral, vaginal, or anal sex. magazine sex and the superbug H041 Superbug - Worse than AIDS
It's a jungle out there! A hundred million annual cases are estimated worldwide. Available Middle-Aged Rom-Com Titles. By  Paul La Farge. Gonorrhea can be passed from mother to child, and it also increases your risk for HIV. Julianne Hough flaunts her toned torso in crop top as she heads to dance rehearsal with brother Derek Hough.

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Cures ranged from the absurd to the excruciating. Mark Zuckerberg's wife Priscilla is pregnant with their second daughter after fearing they wouldn't be able to have another child. Unusually High Rates of Gonorrhea Hit Maine. Naomi Watts looks relaxed and refined picking up sons in New York... S-ex-y on the beach!