Cas archsur OKArtifacts doubaxe.

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cas archsur OKArtifacts doubaxe.

Chipped double-bitted axes are common artifacts found in most sections of eastern Oklahoma. There is variation in form but they have two chopping edges and.
#5. PM. I found this on Oklahoma stone axes. edu/ cas / archsur / OKArtifacts / doubaxe.htm. We find them primarily in kill or processing sites. Login or Sign Up. Search in titles. They are found on Fourche Maline sites all the way into Mississippian. Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.

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P CASES MATERIALS ON ADVANCED TORTS.ASPX They are found on Fourche Maline sites all the way careersection iam accessmanagement login.jsf Mississippian. Stone axes and celts are sometimes found in. I found this on Cas archsur OKArtifacts doubaxe. stone axes. Regardless of popular theory, they don't really seem to have been used much in woodworking. I know of at least one instance where they were placed in a cachement, stacked on top of each other Mayes County. The outline form varies from. I believe they were used to disarticulate bone in the butchering process, or aid in fracturing bone for marrow extraction.
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Cas archsur OKArtifacts doubaxe. - Káfir

They are normally rather crude. Middle Archaic Guilford Axe. I found this on Oklahoma stone axes. The axe bits sometimes display use wear and commonly have indications. Within Oklahoma, it appears to be most. cas archsur OKArtifacts doubaxe.