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academic freedom media review archive

New Technologies, Academic Freedom, and the Archive. The five-volume A History lives of a society, one wonders if social media too would have its role to play in a scholarly review have seemed to rattle certain quarters of the academy.
The social media comments over winter break by George Ciccariello-Maher, Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies at Drexel, have.
Scholars at Risk monitors reports of threats to academic freedom and higher in the February 24 edition of the Academic Freedom Media Review. Archive. Identity politics and student protest movements. Kidnapping of two faculty members at the American University of Afghanistan renews attention on the risks confronting universities in conflict zones. Editorial: A plea for Homa Hoodfar. A Roadmap for Rebuilding Higher Education in Iraq. American University in Kabul reopens after kidnappings, but campuses feel chill. Turkish Academics Pay Harsh Penalties for Failed Coup. Student Press Under Pressure.

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Merera Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress OFC , upon his arrival at Bole International Airport. Ahmadreza Djalali, Iranian Scientist, May Face Death Penalty, Family Says. I love to hear him speak, and yet I know. You, of all people, help me to feel deeply subversive. Organizations that track hate crimes have seen a rise in reports since the presidential election. The legislation, which is expected to be signed by President Trump, is in line with Republicans' promises to pull back on federal involvement in higher education. Delhi University: Students clash at North Campus, cops beat and threaten scribes. academic freedom media review archive

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The James Wright Award for Nature Writing. Nevertheless, the practice of tenure remains crucial to the vitality of academic freedom. Ohio State Is Investigating Possible Scientific Misconduct by Prolific Professor. Promoting Knowledge in an Age of Unreason. Cruelty at the Border. Alternatives to Storify Revisited.